Panorama Inside a Restaurant

Panorama Inside a Restaurant

“It looks like a Norman Rockwell painting!”

That’s what a restaurant manager had to say about my recent shoot inside Buttermilk’s Cafe in Canton, Texas. We’re making arrangements to do the same kind of shoot inside two restaurants she manages in Terrell, Texas. Achieving the Norman Rockwell look was not completely planned, and I don’t know if I’ll be so lucky next time!

Take a look (clicking the image below will take you to Buttermilk’s website that I also built).


Dallas Photographer shoot 360-degree panoramas inside a restaurant or business

Panoramas? YES!

We do 360° panoramas of homes and businesses. Sometimes a good panorama is the BEST way to let potential buyers and visitors know what they can expect.

HDR Photos? YES!

It only makes sense to take advantage of high dynamic range photography. Our HDR photographs are an attempt to emulate what the amazing human eye and brain can take in.

Retouching? YES!

Some blemishes are temporary (brown grass, a gloomy sky). And some possessions are too valuable for the public to see or recognize. Retouch them! Ethical principles DO apply here.