Animating the Downtown Dallas Eyeball

When my son Joshua and I were exploring downtown Dallas last week, we discovered this 30-foot-tall eyeball sculpture. We immediately realized that it presented endless opportunities for animation, making for great Photoshop and Premiere practice. Enjoy my weird little exercise. This video is best-experienced with its soundtrack.* Crank it up!

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*NOTE: the soundtrack was generated for me in Sonicfire Pro by my long-time colleague and collaborator Marco Ciavolino, owner of Enktesis LLC.

Panoramas? YES!

We do 360° panoramas of homes and businesses. Sometimes a good panorama is the BEST way to let potential buyers and visitors know what they can expect.

HDR Photos? YES!

It only makes sense to take advantage of high dynamic range photography. Our HDR photographs are an attempt to emulate what the amazing human eye and brain can take in.

Retouching? YES!

Some blemishes are temporary (brown grass, a gloomy sky). And some possessions are too valuable for the public to see or recognize. Retouch them! Ethical principles DO apply here.