PLEASE NOTE: The images in the following gallery have NOT been fully optimized. In order to keep this gallery reasonably fast-loading, the images are low resolution.


Please note the picture number of any photos that you’d like me to optimize, and make any notes as to what you’d like done to them. That can include

  • Photoshop in head/face from one picture to another (e.g., if someone had eyes closed in an otherwise good photo)
  • Blurring and/or cloning out background objects
  • Fixing the sky where it is blue and has clouds (or no clouds)

I will probably tweak the lighting on faces regardless of whether or not that is requested.


When you have made your selections, and I have done the final tweaking, I will post the final full-resolution photos in another location for you to download them.


If you click on an image, it will display as large as your screen allows and there will be back/forward buttons above and within the images. Probably the easiest way to view.